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Peaks and Perils of Long Term Virtual Working: Leadership lessons from the front line.

Digital technologies introduced the concept of virtual working to the business world decades ago. Equipped with laptops, smartphones and wi-fi, organisations started slowly adopting virtual teams in business practices to connect geographically dispersed organisational stakeholders in virtual space. Although the shift to virtual teams was driven by the need to… Read More »Peaks and Perils of Long Term Virtual Working: Leadership lessons from the front line.

Blockchain and the Real World

There is a theory that any innovation follows a lifecycle that is shaped like an S-curve and goes through a number of distinct stages: ferment, takeoff, maturity, and discontinuity. There is another stage that comes between fermentation and takeoff, when the fence-sitters are still in the majority, and really aren’t… Read More »Blockchain and the Real World

Future of Work

Exploring the Future of Work

With a very diverse audience with expertise in many different sectors we gathered to look at different perspectives on the future of work and to explore our own vision & preferences for our future work too. The plan was to explore four perspectives: research and evidence being collected now; how… Read More »Exploring the Future of Work

Ageing Population

The Opportunity of Ageing

The Opportunity of Ageing The challenges of population ageing in a digital age were debated by Sphere Network members at the November round table event, hosted by the Northern Design Centre at Baltimore House. Attendees were drawn from multiple sectors, with representatives from the National Innovation Centre for Ageing; the… Read More »The Opportunity of Ageing